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Sila baca slow-slow dan fahamkan betul-betul artikel dan komentar gua dalam blog nih...... Tolong jangan baca skali lalu... Sebab kat sini gua banyak menulis secara indirect.... gua banyak berkias... gua banyak bermetafora... ayat gua bukan ayat skema SPM ker STPM ker... jadi tolong guna kapla... jangan membaca guna kapla lutut aaa..

Dan kalu lu bengap sangat tak paham aper yang gua citerkan... sila bertanya ... jangan main terjah sembrono jer... hahaha... karang tak pasai-pasai lu gak yang malu... hahaha .. Tolong jangan jadi bodoh... cukup la dah ramai pemimpin politik yang bodoh... lu jangan menambahkan korum... hahaha

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang.... ader paham ka???

Lagi satu... kat sini gua takder menghasut atau memfitnah serta mendajai sesiapa... jadi kalu lu orang terhasut ker, terfitnah ker, terdajai ker mender... itu masalah lu orang... hahaha... bukan masalah gua...... Hahaha... Untuk geng-geng Cawangan Khas... tak payah la buang masa baca blog gua... baik lu folo jer Anwar Ibrahim tue... hahaha... ader gak pekdah...

20 August 2009

Internet Censoring Act (I.C.A)

The government plan to introduce a filtering mechanism to combats pornography, seditious articles, slanders and others that may contribute to the problem in our multi-racial country. I in one hand thinks that this idea is good but what is the basic guidelines for the filtering mechanism to follows.

It's all the opposition remarks and articles that point the failure of our Malaysian Government policy will be subject to be classed as seditious and slanders? What about some articles and document published by our local mainstream media which contains more seditious and slanders than other single owner blogs articles? Do these main stream media be classsified under this new filtering system?

No doubt that the Malaysian Government will do any neccessary action to maintained their status quo while their lifeline is now being compromised. Even the Malaysian Government will booked-up any bloggers who not aligned with the policy of Malaysian Government and send them to ISA detention center in Kamunting, Taiping. This is the way Malaysian Government do their work and maintained order all these 50 years after Malaysian Independent.

The Internet Censoring Act (ICA) will be the greatest act they have in hand to maintained UMNO/BN status quo. For sure any bloggers out there who profess "Freedom Of Speech" will boycott the idea of ICA, but then who are we to pressure the Malaysian Government to set aside this filtering idea.

MSC Bills of Guarantee have set a "no filtering policy whatsoever" shall be done in Malaysia in accordance to MSC spirits. But then if the Malaysian Government still wanted to introduce ICA, I'm sure every big player that contribute to MSC will abandon these MSC project once and for all.

Sure this will affected our knowledge based economy which in turn blackened Malaysia image in the cyber world.

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Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang... so sendiri mau ingat lar..... ader paham ka???

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