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Bhai/DeeDee Sekalian.

Sila baca slow-slow dan fahamkan betul-betul artikel dan komentar gua dalam blog nih...... Tolong jangan baca skali lalu... Sebab kat sini gua banyak menulis secara indirect.... gua banyak berkias... gua banyak bermetafora... ayat gua bukan ayat skema SPM ker STPM ker... jadi tolong guna kapla... jangan membaca guna kapla lutut aaa..

Dan kalu lu bengap sangat tak paham aper yang gua citerkan... sila bertanya ... jangan main terjah sembrono jer... hahaha... karang tak pasai-pasai lu gak yang malu... hahaha .. Tolong jangan jadi bodoh... cukup la dah ramai pemimpin politik yang bodoh... lu jangan menambahkan korum... hahaha

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang.... ader paham ka???

Lagi satu... kat sini gua takder menghasut atau memfitnah serta mendajai sesiapa... jadi kalu lu orang terhasut ker, terfitnah ker, terdajai ker mender... itu masalah lu orang... hahaha... bukan masalah gua...... Hahaha... Untuk geng-geng Cawangan Khas... tak payah la buang masa baca blog gua... baik lu folo jer Anwar Ibrahim tue... hahaha... ader gak pekdah...

29 April 2010

Tadi Gua Tulis Pasai Nih

Bhai... tadi gua tulis pasai nih kat blog Art-Harun...

So.... hangpa baca baik-baik aaa....

Dear Point44,

FYI, a revolver (.38 or .44) or an automatic handgun (normally 9mm) can't go further than 50 meter in any car chases. I myself have been trained for such tactics.

Therefore I conclude that the shot on the head is only made when the car has been crashed after the tire has been shot at.

If they shot on the head from the back of the car (while chasing), that's mean the cops at the ledge of the car windows on the left side. No other way the MPV driver shot it by himself if in this situation. By using this method, I'm sure the bullet will being block by the head rest of the car seat.

So, it's better for us to know from what angle the shot has been taken as it can point the exact position where the shot being done.

I'm sure everyone who normally follow the CSI, NCIS or Las Vegas TV series will know about this (I means the ballistic characteristic of any shot).

I'm stick to my fact that the shot to kill has been made after the car has been stop.

Mamat tue balas camnie

Dear C++

Your opinion is yours to make. But when you decided to mention the CSI TV series...all your credibility kind of went down the drain...

I actually trained and am currently working as a forensic scientist...but i still fail to see why a bullet which could reach and blow a tire could not reach the inside of the car...not saying that it did...but there isn't a reason that it couldn't...i've seen bullets go through the car body into the a headrest wouldn't really be much of a block...

Gua balas balik... hehehe

Dear Point44,

Okay, let me made myself clear. (I know you work as a forensic scientist).

First, if you shot from the behind at any car chase, the power of the bullet (.38, .44 or 9MM) is not power enough go through a head rest after it make a hole on the car back windshield.

Okay, let pretend that Proton Saga is't tinted, so how close shall the shooter be for his bullet can penetrate both glass and head rest. It's 1 meter or less?

In any car chases by Malaysia Polis MPV, I've notice it take about 5 meter or more from both cars. So, at 80 kph, what is the exact ballistic of that shot.

I wonder if our police is so professional to make this kind of sharp shot while on the chase at at least 80 kph.

If they do, then I think they should be work in UTK or VAT69. They are only normal MPV police that only once in a blue moon shot a single bullet in their lifetime as a police from their handguns.

FYI, I've been trained on combat situation that would require a very precise shot (that can only be made while on static).

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Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang... so sendiri mau ingat lar..... ader paham ka???

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