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Bhai/DeeDee Sekalian.

Sila baca slow-slow dan fahamkan betul-betul artikel dan komentar gua dalam blog nih...... Tolong jangan baca skali lalu... Sebab kat sini gua banyak menulis secara indirect.... gua banyak berkias... gua banyak bermetafora... ayat gua bukan ayat skema SPM ker STPM ker... jadi tolong guna kapla... jangan membaca guna kapla lutut aaa..

Dan kalu lu bengap sangat tak paham aper yang gua citerkan... sila bertanya ... jangan main terjah sembrono jer... hahaha... karang tak pasai-pasai lu gak yang malu... hahaha .. Tolong jangan jadi bodoh... cukup la dah ramai pemimpin politik yang bodoh... lu jangan menambahkan korum... hahaha

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang.... ader paham ka???

Lagi satu... kat sini gua takder menghasut atau memfitnah serta mendajai sesiapa... jadi kalu lu orang terhasut ker, terfitnah ker, terdajai ker mender... itu masalah lu orang... hahaha... bukan masalah gua...... Hahaha... Untuk geng-geng Cawangan Khas... tak payah la buang masa baca blog gua... baik lu folo jer Anwar Ibrahim tue... hahaha... ader gak pekdah...
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15 February 2013

Which One? Hahahaha

Hahaha... Don't know what to say... Apple Inc. loose it's iPhone name as trademark has already been awarded to Gradiente SA in Brazil as early as 2000. So now the battle has begun on iphone vs iPhone .... hahahaha... Which one do you like to own... an iphone with Android OS or iPhone with iOS .... hahahaha... For me... I stick to what I got right now... the one that's my company given to all his staff... it's an iPhone 4S with iOS version 6.1.1...

Even I do codes in Java and HTML5 while producing an Android apps on my leisure time, I don't owned an Android phone. I do own an old 7 inch Android tablet which I got it in early 2011

A Brazilian company has begun selling smartphones in Brazil with the iPhone brand after winning the legal right to use the name in Latin America's biggest country. Adding insult to Apple Inc.'s injury, the phone runs on the Android operating system from archrival Google Inc.

Gradiente SA said in a statement that it filed its request to use the iPhone brand in 2000 when it realized "there would be a technological revolution in the world of cellphones with the convergence of voice and data transmission and reception via mobile Internet."

In 2008 Brazil's government gave Gradiente the right to use the brand on its cellphones.

Brazilian trademark office spokeswoman Maratan Marques said Gradiente requested permission to use the brand before Apple did and has the exclusive right to use it through 2018.

Brazil Apple spokeswoman Maria Parra Rodriguez said the company had no immediate comment. Phone calls and emails to Apple Inc.'s headquarters in California went unanswered.

Gradiente said on its website that it started selling its iPhone on Tuesday for 600 reals ($300). It runs the relatively old 2.3 version of Android and its features include a 3.7-inch touch-sensitive screen, Bluetooth, dual chip capability, 3G, Wi-Fi and camera. Its appearance is similar to that of Apple's iPhone.

The Brazilian company said it did not use the iPhone name until now because its "priority was to conclude a corporate restructuring process that ended earlier this year."

"In Brazil, Gradiente has the exclusive right to use the iPhone brand," the statement said. "This company will adopt all the measures used by companies around the world to preserve its intellectual property rights."

A company official said Apple had not contacted Gradiente and she didn't know of any attempt by Apple to contest Gradiente's use of the iPhone name.

The executive, who insisted on speaking anonymously because she was not authorized to speak to the press, added that she did not know if Gradiente would try to stop Apple iPhone sales in Brazil.

Major cellphone operators and retail outlets advertised Apple iPhones on their websites Wednesday


  1. Salam C++

    Yong ingat nak ganti Blackberry Torch ini dengan iPhone. Tengah tengok2 mana satu. Hmmm...

    Your N3 becomes so "skematik" that mamat by the road (laymanlah) will not be able to understand! hahaha

  2. DeeDee Yong...

    Kalu nak sistem yang stabil dan selamat... gua cadangkan guna iPhone.. Blackberry pon okeh gak... Cuma Adroid nih ader skit masalah keselamatan la...


Nak komen kat sini kena ader telor skit la bhai ... Kena letak nama identiti.. Kalu guna anonymous jer... maap cakap la... gua tak layan.. sori aa...

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang... so sendiri mau ingat lar..... ader paham ka???

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