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Bhai/DeeDee Sekalian.

Sila baca slow-slow dan fahamkan betul-betul artikel dan komentar gua dalam blog nih...... Tolong jangan baca skali lalu... Sebab kat sini gua banyak menulis secara indirect.... gua banyak berkias... gua banyak bermetafora... ayat gua bukan ayat skema SPM ker STPM ker... jadi tolong guna kapla... jangan membaca guna kapla lutut aaa..

Dan kalu lu bengap sangat tak paham aper yang gua citerkan... sila bertanya ... jangan main terjah sembrono jer... hahaha... karang tak pasai-pasai lu gak yang malu... hahaha .. Tolong jangan jadi bodoh... cukup la dah ramai pemimpin politik yang bodoh... lu jangan menambahkan korum... hahaha

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang.... ader paham ka???

Lagi satu... kat sini gua takder menghasut atau memfitnah serta mendajai sesiapa... jadi kalu lu orang terhasut ker, terfitnah ker, terdajai ker mender... itu masalah lu orang... hahaha... bukan masalah gua...... Hahaha... Untuk geng-geng Cawangan Khas... tak payah la buang masa baca blog gua... baik lu folo jer Anwar Ibrahim tue... hahaha... ader gak pekdah...

02 July 2013

Al Fatihah Buat Mereka Yang Terkorban

PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — With no way out, the 19 elite firefighters did what they were trained to do when trapped by a wildfire: They unfurled their foil-lined, heat-resistant tarps and rushed to cover themselves on the ground.

But that last, desperate line of defense couldn't save the "Hotshot" crew from the flames that swept over them.

All 19 men died, marking the nation's biggest loss of firefighters in a wildfire in 80 years.

The tragedy Sunday evening all but wiped out the 20-member Granite Mountain Hotshots, a unit based at Prescott, authorities said Monday as the last of the bodies were retrieved from the mountain in the town of Yarnell. Only one member survived, and that was because he was moving the unit's truck at the time.

The deaths plunged the two small towns into mourning as the wildfire continued to threaten one of them, Yarnell.

Unidentified members of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew from Prescott, Ariz., pose tog … Arizona's governor called it "as dark a day as I can remember" and ordered flags flown at half-staff. In a heartbreaking sight, a long line of white vans carried the bodies to Phoenix for autopsies.

"I know that it is unbearable for many of you, but it also is unbearable for me. I know the pain that everyone is trying to overcome and deal with today," said Gov. Jan Brewer, her voice catching several times as she addressed reporters and residents at Prescott High School in the town of 40,000.

The lightning-sparked fire — which spread to 13 square miles by Monday morning — destroyed about 50 homes and threatened 250 others in and around Yarnell, a town of 700 people in the mountains about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Department said.

About 200 more firefighters joined the battle Monday, bringing the total to 400. Among them were several other Hotshot teams, elite groups of firefighters sent in from around the country to battle the nation's fiercest wildfires.

Residents huddled in shelters and restaurants, watching their homes burn on TV as flames lit up the night sky in the forest above the town.

Families gather at the fire station Monday, July 1, 2013, in Prescott, Ariz., where an elite team of … It was unclear exactly how the firefighters became trapped, and state officials were investigating.

Brewer said the blaze "exploded into a firestorm" that overran the crew.

Prescott City Councilman Len Scamardo said the wind changed directions and brought 40 mph to 50 mph gusts that caused the firefighters to become trapped around 3 p.m. Sunday. The blaze grew from 200 acres to about 2,000 in a matter of hours.

Southwest incident team leader Clay Templin said the crew and its commanders were following safety protocols, and it appears the fire's erratic nature simply overwhelmed them.

The Hotshot team had spent recent weeks fighting fires in New Mexico and Prescott before being called to Yarnell, entering the smoky wilderness over the weekend with backpacks, chainsaws and other heavy gear to remove brush and trees as a heat wave across the Southwest sent temperatures into the triple digits.

This undated photo courtesy of the the Woyjeck family shows firefighter, Kevin Woyjeck, right, and h … All Prescott Fire Chief Dan Freijo said he feared the worst when he received a call Sunday afternoon from someone assigned to the fire.

"All he said was 'We might have bad news. The entire Hotshot crew deployed their shelters,'" Fraijo said. "When we talk about deploying the shelters, that's an automatic fear, absolutely. That's a last-ditch effort to save yourself when you deploy your shelter."

Arizona Forestry Division spokesman Mike Reichling said all 19 victims had deployed their emergency shelters as they were trained to do.

When there is no way out, firefighters are supposed to step into them, lie face down on the ground and pull the fire-resistant fabric completely over themselves. The shelter is designed to reflect heat and trap cool breathable air inside for a few minutes while a wildfire burns over a person.

But its success depends on firefighters being in a cleared area away from fuels and not in the direct path of a raging inferno of heat and hot gases.

An aerial tanker drops fire retardant on a wildfires threatening homes near Yarnell, Ariz., Monday, … The glue holding the layers of the shelter together begins to come apart at about 500 degrees, well above the 300 degrees that would almost immediately kill a person.

"It'll protect you, but only for a short amount of time. If the fire quickly burns over you, you'll probably survive that," said Prescott Fire Capt. Jeff Knotek. But "if it burns intensely for any amount of time while you're in that thing, there's nothing that's going to save you from that."

Autopsies were scheduled to determine exactly how the firefighters died. - SUMBER

Al Fatihah buat mereka yang terkorban...


  1. patutnya US belajaq macam mana Malaysia jaga hutan... tebang je bagi licin, pas tu panggil orang Indon buat bangunan, Bangla tanam sayuq... mana nak jual... tak payah tubuh FAMA... buat je pasar borong, pas tu panggil Myammar jual kat situ...


    ... kalaulah tragedi nie berlaku kat Kuala Besut la nie, pasti orang-orang politik akan mengambil kesempatan... idea yang benda nie adalah sandiwara pun akan tercetus... apalah depa tu...

  2. lemahnya manusia itu pun tak sedar diri lagi idup nak pakai logik otak saja tanpa panduan dari tuan punya bumi akhirnya dibaham jugak bumi

  3. pegi padam api macam gi perang lawan musuh. siap ada elit troop untuk bomba. just imagine kerja bersatu padu as a unit, mati beramai2 sekaligus...huh.. apa tah perasan kawan sorang yg selamat jd the last man standing......

    aku bet ni bakal difilemkan someday jd blockbuster movie. ngan api CGI.ditambah perisa oleh sutradara sesuka mak bapak dia.



Nak komen kat sini kena ader telor skit la bhai ... Kena letak nama identiti.. Kalu guna anonymous jer... maap cakap la... gua tak layan.. sori aa...

Err... gua takder masalah nak lepaskan komen lu orang kat sini... tapi gua tak bertanggung jawab atas komen lu orang... so sendiri mau ingat lar..... ader paham ka???

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